Lichterkinder Die besten Spiel- und Bewegungslieder Tonie

Die besten Spiel- und Bewegungslieder

16,90 EUR

Tonies are hearing figures for the Toniebox. They make hearing tangible because they are used to operate the Toniebox. But you can also collect them and play with them. To listen to the music, simply place the hearing figure on the Toniebox.

Hand-painted audio figure for the Toniebox "Lichterkinder - The best play and movement songs". The album "Lichterkinder - The best play and movement songs" is available exclusively as Tonie and is a special compilation of the greatest hits of the "Lichterkinder". And on top of that, the song "Liki & die Tonies" is only available as an extra title in this collection!

"Der Körperteil Blues" by Lichterkinder, who doesn't know it? With more than 40 million views on YouTube, the song is the new hit in daycare centers and children's rooms in Germany! "Lichterkinder" stands for new, fresh and modern children's songs that are fun and at the same time convey learning content and values ​​in a playful way. In the meantime, the children themselves are the star of the 7 Lichterkinder albums. The songs are sung and presented at eye level by children for children. Everyone can sing along and take part, because: every child in the world is a child of light!