Lichterkinder Spiel- und Bewegungslieder 2 CD

Spiel- und Bewegungslieder 2

9,99 EUR

The Lichterkinder’s new album “Play and Movement Songs2” is here!
With a total of 33 tracks and many hits such as “Look at that bee there – hum hum”, “Superheroes”, “the little dinosaur” or “aviator” this album promises a lot of fun, movement and the joy of dancing.

The songs on this album are not only entertaining but also educational as they promote learning through play. With this album, the Lichterkinder have once again put together a collection of happy and rousing songs that help and instruct children to move and 'incidentally' develop important cognitive skills.

This CD is an enrichment for all daycare centers, preschools and primary schools. Of course also for all parents who listen to modern children's songs with their children at home and want to support their children.

All text can be found on the Lichterkinder website.

The album “Play and Movement Songs 2” brings smiles to faces!

We are all Lichterkinder!