Lichterkinder Spiel- und Bewegungslieder CD

Spiel- und Bewegungslieder

9,99 EUR

The children's light album "Spiel- und Bewegungslieder" makes children's hearts beat faster!

17 children's songs that are sung by children for children and that also inspire parents, grandparents and educators thanks to the loving and high-quality music production with great children's voices.

In addition to classics such as 'Aramsamsam' or 'Fünf kleine Fische', the song 'Der Körperteil Blues' can be found on this CD. A real hit that has become indispensable in day-care centers and children's rooms in Germany. (currently over 40 million YouTube views)

The CD also includes other great new compositions on topics that move children (e.g. encouragement songs or coordination) such as 'Ich bin groß', 'Stampf und Klatsch' and 'Danke Leben'.