Lichterkinder Laternen- und Herbstlieder CD

Laternen- und Herbstlieder

9,99 EUR

Our first album by the children of lights is fun.

The CD starts with the song 'Lichterkinder'. One can say that the song has become a real modern classic and is now indispensable as a lantern and autumn song and is known everywhere.

Children sing 15 lantern and autumn songs for children and inspire parents, grandparents and educators with their great voices and the loving and high-quality music production.

In addition to other original compositions on the subject of autumn, Saint Martin, rain, kite flying, lantern walking and the wind ‚Hui Hui Hui – ich bin der Wind‘, there are also well-known classics such as‚Ich geh mit meiner Laterne‘, ‚Der Herbst ist da‘, ‚Bunt sind schon die Wälder‘, ‚Hejo and Guter alter Mond‘ are included.